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Backed by an efficient and professional working team, AGRM has the expertise in the general contracting and subcontracting of industrial kiln engineering projects. We have accumulated rich experience in kiln design, masonry construction, installation and debugging, heating and baking, feeding, the production output performance. We can provide customers with package solutions for industrial kiln projects, including research and development, sales of key equipment, pipe fitting materials, construction of all or partial projects, import and export of related equipment and materials, goods inspection, logistics, customs clearance, and other services.

Over 30 years of experience in the industrial kiln industry.
One refractory material production base and two supporting equipment production bases.
Global engineering. We use English, Japanese, Spanish and Russian as working languages to serve our customers.
One stop service, package solutions covering the full refractory material industry chain, from R&D, manufacturing, to quality control.

Application of Refractories

Refractory materials are applied in various fields of the national economy, including steel, non-ferrous metals, glass, cement, ceramics, petrochemicals, machinery, boilers, light industry, power generation, and other industries.

Refractories in Glass Industry.

Refractories in Cement Industry.

Refractories in Construction Material Industry.

Refractories in Petrochemicals Industry.

Refractories in Metallurgical Industry.

Main Refractory Materials & Furnace

We offer kinds of refractory materials according to customers requirements, we have hot sale refractory materials like fireclay, high alumina, silica, zirconia and so on.

We have a “high-temperature combustion laboratory”, a refractory production base, and an equipment manufacturing factory. Our professional technical team of senior engineers will provide you with a comprehensive package of supporting services. We offer one-stop refractories solution for industrial kiln and furnace!

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We specialize in manufacturing and exporting refractory materials in China for about 30 years. We offer turnkey projects with advanced technology, AGRM has strong advantages in global  e-commerce and industrial kiln technology. Our company has arrived an  industry-university-research alliance with China’s top universities and laboratories.

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Advantages of Rractories

Refractory materials offer several advantages in various applications. The advantages of refractory materials make them essential components in industries where high temperatures, chemical resistance, and durability are required. Their properties contribute to efficient and reliable operations in sectors such as steelmaking, glass manufacturing, cement production, and many more.

High Temperature Resistance

Refractories are designed to withstand extreme temperatures without losing their structural integrity or undergoing significant degradation. They can withstand temperatures ranging from hundreds to thousands of degrees Celsius, depending on the type of refractory.

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Thermal Shock Resistance

Refractories are engineered to withstand rapid temperature changes without cracking or fracturing, a property known as thermal shock resistance. This characteristic is essential in processes involving cyclic heating and cooling, such as in furnaces and kilns.

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Thermal Insulation

Refractories possess excellent thermal insulation properties, meaning they have a low thermal conductivity. This characteristic helps to minimize heat loss, improve energy efficiency, and maintain consistent temperature profiles in industrial processes.

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Chemical Resistance

Refractory materials exhibit resistance to various chemical reactions, including acidic or alkaline environments. They can withstand corrosive substances, making them suitable for applications in industries such as petrochemicals, metallurgy, and chemical processing.

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Mechanical Strength

Many refractory materials have high mechanical strength and can withstand mechanical stress, pressure, and abrasion. This enables them to endure physical forces and maintain their structural integrity in demanding industrial environments.

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Dimensional Stability

Refractory materials typically exhibit good dimensional stability even at high temperatures. They resist expansion, contraction, and deformation, ensuring the integrity and stability of the refractory lining in various applications.

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Our Customers

We have exported our refractory materials to more than 300 countries, our customers are satisfied with our products because of our wonderful services, we can customize monolithics refractories according to customers requirements.

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