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AGRM Engineering Co., Ltd. takes immense pride in its proficient and dedicated team, offering comprehensive expertise in general contracting and subcontracting of industrial kiln engineering projects. Our extensive experience encompasses kiln design, masonry construction, installation and debugging, heating and baking, feeding, and optimizing production output performance. We provide customers with comprehensive package solutions for their industrial kiln projects, including research and development, sales of key equipment, procurement of pipe fitting materials, complete or partial project construction, import and export facilitation for related equipment and materials, goods inspection, logistics, customs clearance, and other valuable services.

The Range of Industrial Kilns

Glass Kiln: Innovating Glass Production

refractory materials in glass industry

Our expertise extends to a wide array of glass kilns, including those used in glass product manufacturing, ceramic glazes, and enamel glazes across various sectors such as building materials, daily use glass, special glass, glass fiber, and pharmaceutical glass. Our proficiency covers unit kilns, crucible kilns, horizontal flame kilns, horseshoe flame kilns, all-electric kilns, all-oxygen combustion kilns, and kilns employing a combination of all-oxygen combustion and electric heating. We possess exceptional skills in the application of all-oxygen combustion kiln technology.

Furthermore, our company has made significant strides in addressing the challenges associated with hazardous waste treatment. Leveraging our extensive experience, we have successfully developed vitrification and cementation technologies for solid hazardous waste, forging a new path in waste treatment.

Lime Kiln: Advancing Lime Kiln Technology

AGRM Engineering Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting the application of advanced lime kiln technology. With our experienced technical team, we offer customers a range of kiln types, including rotary kilns, shaft kilns, double chamber kilns, sleeve kilns, and mixed material kilns. Our solutions encompass various fuel gases, such as pulverized coal and natural gas. Emphasizing energy conservation, environmental protection, and efficiency, we provide customers with comprehensive technology and equipment services, covering design, construction, debugging, and the supply of refractory materials and equipment.

lime kiln

Waste Incineration: Purifying the Environment

waste incineration

Waste incineration plays a crucial role in purifying the ecological environment, and the minimization and safe disposal of waste are essential in combating waste pollution. Our expertise extends to various types of incineration furnaces, including plasma decomposing furnaces, rotary kiln incinerators, grate furnaces, chain grate furnaces, and collaborative disposal of rotary kilns in cement plants. Each incinerator is designed to achieve high thermal efficiency and effectively purify and dispose of waste.

To cater to diverse customer requirements, our company provides OEM services for different types of waste incinerators, ensuring notable advantages in energy conservation and environmental protection.

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Activated Carbon: Filtering Solutions

Activated carbon, renowned for its large specific surface area and porous nature, is widely used in liquid filtration processes. It effectively adsorbs fine substances and finds applications in discoloration, deodorization, dechlorination, removal of organic compounds and heavy metals, elimination of synthetic detergents, bacteria, viruses, and even radioactive pollutants in water treatment. Additionally, activated carbon is frequently employed in the tertiary treatment of wastewater.

AGRM Engineering Co., Ltd. offers rotary kiln activated carbon manufacturing technology, utilizing various raw materials such as coal, sawdust, and coconut shells. Our comprehensive package solutions encompass production line design, equipment installation, and debugging.

activated carbon rotary kiln

Cement Rotary Kiln: Versatile Applications

cement rotary kiln

Rotary kilns find extensive utilization in metallurgy, chemical industry, building refractories, environmental sanitation, and other sectors. AGRM Engineering Co., Ltd. boasts rich experience in the design and construction of rotary kilns. Our rotary kilns exhibit a solid structure, stable operation, and high-quality output. Furthermore, we provide users with advanced high-efficiency vertical preheaters and five-stage cyclone preheaters.

Apart from calcining cement clinker, cement rotary kilns are also employed in the calcination of clay, limestone, and dry slag. In the production of refractory materials, rotary kilns forge and burn raw materials, stabilizing their size and enhancing their strength. Rotary kilns also find applications in nonferrous and ferrous metallurgy for smelting iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, tin, nickel, tungsten, chromium, and other metals, sintering and roasting ores, concentrates, and intermediates.

Industrial Electric Arc Furnace: Mastering Electric Arc Heating

Electric arc furnaces are industrial furnaces that generate high temperatures through electric arc heating, utilizing metal or non-metallic electrodes. These furnaces can be categorized as three-phase electric arc furnaces, consumable electric arc furnaces, single-phase electric arc furnaces, or resistance electric arc furnaces, depending on the form of the electric arc. Constructed with alkaline or acidic refractory materials, the furnace body of an electric arc steelmaking furnace comprises a furnace cover, a furnace door, a tapping spout, and the furnace body itself.

Electric arc steelmaking furnaces come in various capacities, ranging from ordinary power to high-power and ultra-high-power electric arc furnaces. The process involves inputting electrical energy into the furnace through graphite electrodes, utilizing the electric arc that forms between the electrode end and the furnace material as the heat source for steelmaking. Electric arc furnaces offer precise temperature control and can operate under various conditions, including oxidation or reduction atmospheres, atmospheric pressure, or vacuum, as per specific process requirements.

Electric arc furnace steelmaking boasts a concise process flow, simple equipment, ease of operation, effective pollution control, low construction investment, a small footprint, and independence from complex iron-making systems required in converter steelmaking.

electric arc furnace
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