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Introduction of Insulation Blanket

Insulation blanket is a kind of flexible material, it is a general term for all single or composite materials insulation blanket products that takes organic or inorganic metals or non-metals as the main ingredients material,supplemented with specific chemical material formulas and processes based on specific usage environments and performance requirements.

AGRM is an advanced manufacturer of insulation blanket in China, and our company is a production and management as one of the industrial companies. We concentrate on the innovative application and promotion of energy-saving insulation blanket in the high-temperature field.

AGRM has advanced production equipment and leading production technology, accomplishing product output as required and ensure product quality meanwhile. Our products are exported to Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and received the admiration from consumers.

insulation blanket
Insulation blanket
insulation blanket

Types of Insulation Blanket

Our company is the most professional manufacturer and supplier of insulation blanket in China. We produce and market kinds of insulation blanket products such as ceramic fiber insulation blanket, silicon carbide fiber insulation blanket, glass fiber insulation blanket, etc. The following is an example of ceramic fiber insulation blanket . You should select a suitable material selection based on your application. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blanket

Introduction of Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blanket

It is called ceramic fiber insulation blanket because of its main components is aluminum oxide, which is the main component of porcelain, it is also known as aluminum silicate fiber blanket. The ceramic fiber insulation blanket is formed by a special double-sided needle punching process using special aluminum silicate ceramic fiber filaments. The color is white and the size is regular, setting fire-resistant, heat insulation, thermal insulation in one. The ceramic fiber insulation blanket with temperature tolerance of 950-1400 ℃ and can maintain good tensile strength, toughness, and fiber structure even when used in a neutral and oxidizing for a long time.

insulation blanket
insulation blanket

The Characteristics of Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blanket

  • Excellent chemical stability non flammable.
  • Low thermal conductivity and good insulation.
  • Good tensile strength and springiness.
  • Excellent performance of soundproofing Good obstructing and resistance to heat-shock.
insulation blanket
insulation blanket

Technical Parameterof Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blanket

Chemical and Physical specifications following are average values of ceramic fiber insulation blanket. It may change according to manufacturing and project.

Physical property1260 Fiber blanket1400 Fiber blanket1500 Fiber blanket1600 Fiber blanket
Temperature ( ℃)1260142515001600
Melting point ( ℃)1760180019002000
Colorwhitewhitegreen bluewhite
Average Fiber Diameter (um)
Fiber Length (mm)~250~250~150~400
Fiber Specific Gravity (Kg/m)2600280026503100
Shot Content ( > 212um) (%)1212  
Thermal conductivity Kcal/mh℃(W/mK), ASTM C201, 190kg/m 
Average 400℃0.080.08  
Average 600℃0.120.12  
Average 800℃0.160.16  
Average 1000℃ 0.23  
Chemical Composition :    
ZrO2 17.0  
Cr2O3  1.8

Applications of Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blanket

Ceramic fiber insulation blanket is widely used in a lot of fields, the following is the list of ceramic fiber insulation blanket.

  • Internal and external lining for industry furnace.
  • Internal and external insulation for Pipeline.
  • Insulation for home application nuclear power and aerospace.
  • Joint sealing and filing insulation.
  • Expansion seals/pipe coverings.
insulation blanket application
insulation blanket application
Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blanket application
Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blanket application
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