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What is Dust Removal Filter Bag?

Dust removal filter bags are essential components used in various industrial processes and air pollution control systems to capture and remove dust particles from gas streams.

Dust removal filter bags are designed to filter and collect airborne dust and particulate matter from industrial processes, such as cement production, steelmaking, power generation, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and many others.

dust removal filter bag

Filtration Mechanism of Dust Removal Filter Bag

Dust removal filter bags function based on various filtration mechanisms, such as surface filtration, depth filtration, or a combination of both. These mechanisms enable the bags to trap and retain particles while allowing clean gas to pass through.

The filter bag is the heart of the baghouse dust collector during operation. Usually, cylindrical pulse-jet filter bags are vertically suspended in the dust collector. Dust-laden gas enters the dust collector through the inlet, and the gas passes through the deflector of the hopper, causing some larger dust particles in the gas to separate due to the force of inertia, directly falling into the hopper.

The dust-laden gas then enters the filtering area of the box, where the majority of the dust is captured on the outer surface of the filter bag. Clean gas passes through the filter material and enters the inside of the filter bag. The purified gas exits through the filter bag opening into the upper part of the box and is then discharged through the outlet. The cage inside the filter bag provides support, preventing the bag from collapsing, and also aids in the removal and redistribution of dust cake.

Materials of Dust Removal Filter Bag

Dust removal filter bags are typically made from various synthetic or natural fibers, including polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, PTFE (Teflon), and fiberglass. The choice of material depends on the specific application and the characteristics of the dust to be filtered.

Baghouse System

Dust removal filter bags are commonly used in baghouse systems, which consist of a series of filter bags housed in a dust collector. As the contaminated gas flows through the baghouse, dust particles accumulate on the outer surface of the filter bags.

dust removal filter bag

Cleaning Methods

Over time, dust accumulation on the filter bags can lead to reduced filtration efficiency and pressure drop across the system. To maintain performance, baghouse systems employ various cleaning methods, such as pulse jet cleaning, shaker cleaning, or reverse air cleaning, to remove the collected dust and restore the filter bags’ functionality.

Efficiency of Dust Removal Filter Bags

Dust removal filter bags are designed to achieve specific filtration efficiencies, which are typically measured in terms of micrometer particle sizes. The efficiency of a filter bag depends on its material, construction, and the specific requirements of the application. The service life is generally 2-4 years, with good breathability, high dust collection efficiency, easy dust removal, and a dust removal efficiency of up to 98.99%. It has excellent PM2.5 removal capabilities.

dust removal filter bag

Bag Size and Design

Dust removal filter bags come in various shapes and sizes, and their design can vary depending on the particular industry and application. Proper sizing and design are essential to ensure effective filtration and prevent premature wear and tear.

ItemApplicable to various dust removal filter bags
Pulse bag dust collector with elastic ring at the bag mouth Pulse bag filter (upper cover type)
Chamber reverse-blow bag filter (bag cap type)
Bag opening binding type Pulse bag filter (upper or lower top type)
Bag opening with steel wire ring Pulse bag filter
Mechanical rotary reverse-blow bag filter
Bag opening rope Chamber reverse-blow bag filter
Bag opening with sealing ring Side plug-in bag filter
Bag opening with lifting hook Mechanical vibrating bag dust collector
Chamber reverse-blow bag filter

Classification of Dust Removal Filter Bags

  • According to the shape of the cross-section of the dust removal filter bags, they are divided into flat bags (trapezoidal and flat) and circular bags (cylindrical).
  • According to the air inlet and outlet methods, they are classified as downward air inlet and upward air outlet, and straight flow type (only for flat plate bags).
  • According to the filtering method of the dust removal filter bags, they are classified as external filtering and internal filtering.
  • According to the temperature resistance capability of the dust removal filter bags, they are categorized as high-temperature type, medium-temperature type, and normal-temperature type.
  • Application areas: These filter bags are used in various industries such as ironworks, steel mills, ferroalloy plants, refractory plants, foundries, power plants, cement plants, chemical plants, grain processing plants, carbon black plants, aluminum plants, etc.

The main considerations for selecting filter bags are as follows:

  1. Characteristics of the dusty gas treated by the dust collector (temperature, chemical properties).
  2. Characteristics of the dust particles.
  3. Cleaning method of the dust collector.
dust removal filter bag
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