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AGRM is one of the most professional suppliers of ceramic fiber insulation refractories. Our company mainly produces the following types of ceramic fiber insulation refractories, ceramic fiber board and ceramic fiber paper.

Ceramic Fiber Board

Introduction of Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic fiber board is a kind of insulation material with high temperature durability. It is mainly made of zircon and aluminum silicate. Ceramic fiber board is widely used in various industries such as smelting, chemical engineering, power industry and others.

Features of Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic Fiber Refractories
  • Excellent insulation performance
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Low heat storage
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Good machinability of ceramic fiber board

Performance Index of Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic fiber board is divided into standard type, high-purity type, high alumina type and zirconium type. Standard ceramic fiber blanket – working temperature 1050 ℃. High-alumina ceramic fiber blanket – working temperature 1260 ℃. Zirconia ceramic fiber blanket – working temperature 1350 ℃.

 Ceramic fiber boardordinarystandardHigh purity typeHigh aluminaZirconium
Classification temperature(℃)11001260126013601430
Working temperature(℃)<10001050110012001350
colourwhitePure whitePure whitePure whitePure white
B.D(kg/m3)260  320260  320260  320260  320260  320
PERMANENT liner change(%)(24Hours under  ,B.D320kg/m3)-4(1000℃)-3(1000℃)-3(1100℃)-3(1250℃)-3(1350℃)
HEAT CONDUCTIVITY COEFFICIENT(w/m·k)(B.D:285kg/m3)0.085(400℃)0.132(800℃)0.180(1000℃)0.085(400℃)0.132(800℃)0.180(1000℃ )0.085(400℃)0.132(800℃)0.180(1000℃)0.085(400℃)0.132(800℃)0.180(1000℃)0.085(400℃)0.132(800℃)0.180(1000℃)
DIMENSION(mm) 600*400*10-50, 900*600*20-50, OTHER CUSTOMIZED
Ceramic Fiber Refractories
Ceramic Fiber Refractories

Application List of Ceramic Fiber Board

  • Back up insulation in refractory construction.
  • High temperature ceramic kiln.
  • Hot face lining material in furnace building.
  • Back up insulation in steel ladles.
  • Back up insulation in Glass melting furnace.
  • Molten aluminium handling applications.

Ceramic Fiber Paper

Introduction of Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic fiber paper, also known as aluminum silicate fiber paper. It is is made from aluminum silicate refractory fibers and some binders that is scientifically selected. It has characteristics of fine size and uniform distribution, free asbestos, pure white color, and few shots.

Ceramic Fiber Refractories

Features of Ceramic Fiber Paper

  • High strength and tear resistance.
  • High flexibility.
  • Low shot content. 
  • Accurate thickness. 
  • Thermal shock resistance. 
  • Extremely low thermal conductivity.
  • Performance index of ceramic fiber paper.
TypeStandard ceramic fiber paperHigh pure ceramic fiber paperHigh Aluminium ceramic fiber paperZirconium ceramic fiber paper
Chemical analysis (%)AL2O343475538
 Chemical analysis (%)SiO253514444
 Chemical analysis (%)Fe2O3+Ti2O3≤1.2≤0.3≤0.3≤0.2
 Chemical analysis (%)CaO+MgO≤0.3≤0.3≤0.3≤0.2
 Chemical analysis (%)NaO+K2O≤0.5≤0.3≤0.3≤0.2
Crganic Content (%)5%≤5%≤5%≤5%
Work Temperature1050115012501350
size (mm)40000x1220x1;40000x610x1; 30000x1220x2; 30000x610x2;20000x1220x3;20000x610x3;15000x610x4; 10000x610x5
Ceramic Fiber Refractories
Ceramic Fiber Refractories

Application of Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic fiber paper is widely used for high-temperature furnaces insulation and fire prevention. Because of its excellent high-temperature resistance and working temperature up to 1600 ℃, it has been widely used in industries such as steel, aluminum, and glass. Ceramic fiber paper is applied to various industrial furnaces, ladle, and immersion nozzle high-temperature insulation, industrial electric furnace  insulation, furnace doors and furnace expansion joint sealing materials. What is more, ceramic fiber paper can make high-temperature filters and sealing pads, which has provided a guarantee for industrial production.

Ceramic Fiber Refractories
Ceramic Fiber Refractories
Ceramic Fiber Refractories
Ceramic Fiber Refractories
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