Fully Oxygen Combustion Valve Train 

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We specialize in designing, manufacturing, installing, and commissioning combustion systems for industrial kiln heating applications. From glass furnaces to waste incinerators, we have the capability to handle combustion valve assembly systems related to various industries and complete oxidation combustion. Our years of work experience enable us to provide you with the most suitable products.

Fully Oxygen Combustion Valve Train Applicable Kiln

Applicable Kilns: Glass kilns, fiberglass kilns, cement kilns, waste incineration kilns, metallurgical kilns, etc.

Fully Oxygen Combustion Valve Train Applicable Fuels

Pipeline natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), shale gas, coke oven gas, heavy oil, coal tar gas, light diesel, and petroleum coke.

combustion valve train
combustion valve train

Fully Oxygen Combustion Valve Train Executive standards

Adhere closely to either the European standard EN746-2 or the American standard NFPA86 when it comes to the design and manufacturing process.

Essential Components of Fully Oxygen Combustion Valve Train

The air valve mechanism comprises numerous components, each serving a distinct purpose. We are committed to utilizing the finest raw materials from global sources, with our primary suppliers encompassing esteemed names such as Honeywell, Rosemount, Gaotzi, FISHER, SWETER, KITZ, SMC, and YOKOGAWA.

The combustion valve assembly is a vital component of industrial combustion systems. However, careful design and manufacturing are essential to ensure that these components operate as intended in the final equipment. The gas valve assemblies we offer have undergone rigorous inspections, including professional degreasing, leakage testing, and pressure resistance assessments. We will provide certification and factory reports in accordance with standard requirements, ensuring your peace of mind during usage.

For any issues encountered during use, you can always seek assistance from AGRM’s combustion experts.

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