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Fused cast mullite refractory(brick) is a fused cast refractory material. AGRM Fused Cast Mullite Refractory Manufacturer and Supplier can provide you with the best quality fire bricks.

Fused cast mullite brick is a subacid refractory brick, the main composition is alumina, which is about 65% ~ 75%. Usually, the brick is applied in a glass furnace. It has excellent high-temperature performance, good abrasion-resistant ability, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and better thermal shock resistance.

fused cast mullite refractories

Property of Fused Cast Mullite Refractories

Mullite bricks belong to fused cast refractory bricks. Fused cast mullite bricks are manufactured and shaped after the batches are melted. There are usually two kinds of methods to melt batches, one is by electrofusion and the other is through the thermite process. Electro-fusion is the prevailing method of producing fused cast refractory materials.

Fused cast mullite brick is comparatively a denser refractory brick. The refractoriness of this brick is about 1730~1800℃, and its load softening starts at about 1730~1800℃ (refractory under load). The brick has a good high-temperature performance and abrasion-resistant ability, it also has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, and a relatively better thermal shock resistance compared to other bricks.

The brick is made from high alumina bauxite, industrial alumina oxide, and refractory fire clay. The manufacturing process includes melting, casting, and cooling.

Compared with burned refractory products, the fused cast products have these better properties:

  • Denser.
  • Lower porosity.
  • Higher mechanical strength (several times than burned bricks).
  • Better thermal stability.
  • Better thermal conductivity.
  • Better resistance to slag.
fused cast mullite refractory

Classification of Fused Cast Mullite Refractories

The high-temperature mechanical properties and erosion resistance of fused cast high-purity mullite (crystallization up to 1000~2000μm) are very good. High-purity fused cast mullite bricks are light gray, and ordinary fused cast mullite (using bauxite as raw material) is dark or black, which is because, in addition to the presence of silicon metal and a small amount of iron in the frit, a small amount of SiO2 is closed in the frit because the frit cools quickly and the surface solidifies rapidly so that the frit is colored. Fired above 1480 °C, high-purity fused cast mullite is white, and ordinary fused cast mullite is light yellow.

mullite refractories
mullite refractories

Composition of Fused Cast Mullite Refractory 

fused cast mullite refractories composition

The mineral composition of the fused cast mullite brick is mainly mullite (60% ~ 70%), which is acid. So the fused cast mullite tends to be a kind of subacid refractory brick. The main chemical composition of this brick is Alumina oxide, which takes 65%~75%, and Silicon dioxide takes about 25%, other oxides take 5%~8%.

Applications of Fused Cast Mullite Refractories

Mullite bricks, like other Aluminum, Silicon, or Zirconium casting products, are mainly used in molten glass furnaces, especially in the parts that are eroded seriously, like the charging hole. Using mullite bricks for kiln linings can promote the kiln’s service life, and increase the melting temperature inside the kiln, which accordingly advances glass output. The main applications of fused cast mullite bricks are as follows:

  • Metallurgical furnaces.
  • Construction materials industry.
  • Industrial furnaces & crucibles.
  • Ceramic industry.
  • A flame tank of glass furnaces.
  • Machine industry.
  • Petrochemical industry.
  • High-temperature industrial furnaces.
Fused Cast Mullite Refractories

Features of Fused Cast Mullite Refractories

  • Low thermal conductivity & thermal capacity.
  • Resistant to high temperatures, direct contact with flame.
  • Strong resistance to thermal shock.

Manufacturer of Fused Cast Mullite Refractories

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