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Fused Cast High Zirconium (Zirconia ) Refractory Description

The fused cast high zirconium series is a kind of refractory for the special glass industry. It contains very high zirconium (>= 94%) and lower glass phase (<= 6%).
Due to the quite low content of Na2O, the series owns such a low glass phase and strong erosion resistance. Moreover, its production is extremely difficult, especially for specially shaped blocks.

fused cast high zirconium refractories

Properties of Fused Cast High Zirconium (Zirconia )Refractories

Pure zircon products contain a mass fraction of about 65% ZrO2, almost all composed of zircon crystals, only a very small amount of glass phase, and free ZrO2. Since this product is almost entirely composed of zircon crystals, only a very small amount of glass phase, and the viscosity is also very high at high temperatures, the refractory degree is very high, greater than 1825 degrees. The compressive strength of the product at room temperature is 100-430MPa, and the flexural strength is 17.8-76.3MPa. The load softening temperature is greater than 1650 degrees and increases with the decrease of mineralizer and the increase of firing temperature, which can reach 1750 degrees. Therefore, it is a kind of refractory brick that resists hot heavy loads at high temperatures and has an excellent joint effect and good wear resistance.

fused cast high zirconium refractories
fused cast high zirconium refractories

Such products are not easily wetted and eroded by molten metal and slag, especially not easily wetted by aluminum and its alloys. Therefore, it has good resistance to slag, molten metal, and molten glass. High-density products have better performance, for example, the degree of alkaline slag erosion is only equivalent to 1/3 of mullite products.

Fused Cast High Zirconium (Zirconia) Refractory Application

The high Zirconium Series was first applied in the CRT industry as early as the 1990s and achieved remarkable outcomes. In recent years, it has been widely used in the fields of oxygen-fuel furnaces, electronic glass ceramics, and high alumina glass. 

Fused Cast High Zirconium ( zirconia )Refractory Features

  • Excellent high temperature & corrosion resistance.
  • Low blister and stoning potential.
  • High purity raw materials.
  • Wide application in the glass industry, ceramic fiber industry, construction field, etc.

Improving erosion resistance of below glass: Alkali-free glass, Glass-ceramics, Borosilicate glass, Opal fluoride glass, High alumina glass, Other special glasses.

Improving the quality of the below glass: Alkali-free glass, CRT glass, Lead glass, Borosilicate glass, Opal fluoride glass, High alumina glass, Plasma display panel glass.

Technical Data

Chemical Composition %ZrO289.0093.60
Mineral Composition %BaddeleyiteTypical8994
 Glass Phase 116
Physical Properties Cold Crushing Strength (MPa)400400
 Bulk Density (g/cm3)Typical5.105.30
 Liner Thermal Expansion (%)1000℃0.650.70
Physical and Chemical Indicators
ZrO2 94.2 
Na2O 0.3 
SiO2 4.0 
Fe2O3 +TiO2 0.3 
Physical Indicators
True DensityKg/m³5420 
R.U.L (0.2MPa)≧1750 
At 850-1200℃,the volume increased after 25 thermal cycles ≦0.3% 

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