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Business Scope

Backed by an efficient and professional working team, AGRM has the expertise in the general contracting and subcontracting of industrial kiln engineering projects. We have accumulated rich experience in kiln design, masonry construction, installation and debugging, heating and baking, feeding, the production output performance. We can provide customers with package solutions for industrial kiln projects, including research and development, sales of key equipment, pipe fitting materials, construction of all or partial projects, import and export of related equipment and materials, goods inspection, logistics, customs clearance, and other services.

Refractories Inspection Service

Due to the irreplaceable role of refractory materials in high-temperature industrial kilns, their quality directly affects the lifespan of the kilns and product quality. For some customers who purchase refractory materials in China, pre factory inspection is particularly important. However, due to some special reasons, customers are unable to arrive at the site for pre factory inspection of refractory materials. We can provide customers with entrusted service services for factory inspection. For customers who do not purchase refractory materials through us, these services are charged according to the agreement.

We have a professional technical team that has been engaged in the refractory industry for a long time. We can provide third-party testing of the physical and chemical indicators of refractory materials, product appearance, size inspection, packaging confirmation, goods customs clearance, overseas transportation, and other work according to customer needs.

AGRM Turn-key Solution

Phase I: Initial Communication

  • 1. Feasibility Analysis
    Conduct research on market analysis, technical reliability, energy consumption, environmental aspects, and other relevant factors based on the project’s nature. Assist the client in making informed and scientifically reasonable decisions.
  • 2. Technical Exchange
    Engage in technical discussions with the client to understand the on-site situation and product requirements. Confirm technical routes, product types, environmental requirements, equipment selection, and other related aspects.
  • 3. Project Proposal
    Provide a written report based on the feasibility analysis and technical exchange content.
  • 4. Design Proposal
    Develop preliminary plans for the project, including technical proposals, energy consumption, environmental considerations, investment, equipment selection, and operational costs, to provide references for the client.

Phase II: Mid-term Management – Turn-key Project

Design Services

  1. Provide design proposals and project processes.
  2. Offer architectural and plant design conditions, as well as process layouts.
  3. Supply drawings and lists for refractory materials, steel structures (shell), charging systems, electrical components, kiln cooling systems, environmental processes, and kiln-related equipment. Also, specify purchase standards for major equipment and materials.

Provision of Supporting Hardware

  1. Provide all or part of the required refractory materials for the kiln as needed, along with professional recommendations on material properties for kiln use.
  2. Custom-design peripheral equipment for industrial kilns, including control systems, combustion valve assemblies, burner components, etc.
  3. Offer exhaust gas treatment technologies and equipment, such as dust removal, desulfurization, denitrification, and waste heat utilization systems, in accordance with local environmental regulations and requirements.

Engineering Services

  1. Provide kiln body installation, refractory brickwork, kiln firing, and on-site technical guidance for the client. Offer turnkey installation or technical guidance for relevant equipment.
  2. The company’s technical team comprises experts in thermodynamics, kilns, metallurgy, inorganic materials, electrical, hydraulic, and gas engineering. Leveraging experience from over 70 kiln projects, we can offer turnkey construction services or technical guidance throughout the process.
  3. Additionally, we can provide complete services for kilns designed by other companies, including brickwork, kiln firing, feeding, commissioning, and project acceptance, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  4. Conduct training for client personnel on kiln operation, related equipment, safety, and processes. Assist in developing relevant technical documents.

Phase III: Post-Project Management (After-Sales Service)

  1. Monitor kiln operation, implement countermeasures for kiln issues, and assist in optimizing kiln processes.
  2. Provide technical support throughout the entire lifecycle of the kiln, including communication through various channels like telephone, email, SHATSUP, WeChat, video conferencing, etc. Arrange on-site engineer visits when necessary.
  3. Offer secondary training to address production-related issues.
  4. Supply consumables or spare parts for line pipe equipment as needed.
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