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sintered silicon carbide refractory

Sintered Silicon Carbide Refractories

We are manufacturer of high-quality silicon carbide brick, producing a range of refractory materials, welcome to contact us.

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Sintered Zirconium Refractories

Sintered Zirconium refractories are one of refractory materials in many industries, it has high refractoriness&good thermal shock resistance.

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Sintered Chrome Corundum Refractories

High quality chrome corundum brick with high refractoriness, great strength, good thermal shock stability for customers.

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Sintered Corundum Refractories

Corundum bricks have a high melting point, stable high-temperature performance, good mechanical strength and wear resistance.

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Sintered Silica Refractories

Silica Refractories are characterized by a high coefficient of thermal expansion. Silica compositions can be applied for hot patching &brick.

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Sintered Fireclay Refractories

Fireclay refractories refer to weakly acidic refractories with less than 44% Al2O3 content. You can customize fireclay refractories at AGRM.

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Sintered High Alumina Refractories

High-alumina refractory bricks have properties of high thermal stability and refractoriness, and good slag resistance. Welcome to contact us!

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Sintered Magnesia Refractories

Magnesite refractories are containing at least 85% magnesium oxide and are one of the most widely used basic refractory bricks.

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