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Introduction of Insulation Bricks

Insulation bricks are a kind of refractory bricks with a regular shape. There are small pores distributed evenly inside the insulating fire brick. It has such features as light weight, low bulk density, and low thermal conductivity. Because of its high porosity, low bulk density, and excellent insulation performance, it is widely used in various industrial kilns to reduce heat loss and realize high energy utilization.  Compared with ordinary refractory bricks, insulating fire brick have a lighter weight, and a higher porosity rate. It can ensure that the furnace wall dissipates less heat, and the cost of fuel will correspondingly decrease.

insulation bricks
insulation bricks

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insulation bricks

Types of Insulation Bricks

Insulation bricks are used at the temperature of 1000~1500℃. AGICO is one of the most professional suppliers of insulating fire brick. Our company mainly produces the following different types of insulating fire brick, light weight clay bricks, light weight mullite insulating bricks, and light weight high alumina insulating bricks.

insulation brick

Light Weight Clay Bricks

Clay insulation brick is a kind of porous refractory brick that takes refractory clay as the raw material. They have a yellow red color owing to the component of ferric oxide in the adobe. It is a lightweight refractory material with an alumina content of 30% to 46%. It is mainly used in the insulation layer of industrial kilns. And sometimes it is also used for kiln linings that are not corroded by high-temperature molten materials and corrosive gases.

Performance Parameters of Clay Bricks
ItemLightweight Clay Insulating Brick
Al₂O₃ (%)40404040
Fe₂O₃ (%)
Bulk Density (g/cm3)
Apparent Porosity %70605550
Cold Crushing Strength(Mpa) ≥≥
Reheating Linear Change (%) ℃ X 12H ≤1300℃-0.51350℃-0.51350℃-0.91350℃-0.9
Thermal Conductivity(W/m.k)(1000℃)0.330.600.450.8
Max Service Temperature (℃)1200128013001350
High Alumina Insulating Refractory Brick

High Alumina Insulating Refractory Brick

High alumina insulating refractory brick is a kind of insulating refractory product that takes bauxite as the main raw material, and the content of Al₂O₃ content is greater than or equal to 48%. In order to improve product performance, high alumina heat insulation refractory brick is mainly made from bauxite clinker, combined with clay, mixed with binders and sawdust, and added fine powders of industrial alumina, corundum,etc.

Performance Parameters of High Alumina Insulating Refractory Bricks

Light high alumina brick
Density Bulkg/cm30.60.81
Cold Crushing StrengthMpa1.962.944
Thermal Conductivity(W/m.k)0.250.320.45
0.1Mpa refractoriness under load130013501380

Light Weight Mullite Insulating Brick

light weight mullite insulating bricks
Performance Parameters of Light Weight Mullite Insulating Bricks

Light weight mullite insulating brick takes mullite as the main raw material, using foam addition method or other production processes, forming the mullite in the sintering process. It is mainly used for the insulation layer of industrial kilns at  working temperature of 1000-1350 ℃. Mullite insulated refractory bricks have direct contact with flames and have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good strength, and significant energy-saving. It applies to the heating furnaces, hot blast furnaces, and ceramic roller kilns.

Light weight mullite insulating brick
Classification temperature(℃)140015501600
Crushing strength(Mp)357
Thermal Conductivity(350℃)w/(mk)0.250.330.42
Load softening Temperature(℃)(0.2Mp,0.6%)140015001600
Rebirth line change≤0.9≤0.7≤0.5
Long term  temperature usage(℃)1200~15001200~15501500-1700

List of Insulation Bricks Application

  • Metallurgy: Blast furnace, hot blast stove, reheating furnace, etc.
  • Petrochemical: Ethylene cracking furnace, primary reformer furnace, reheating furnace, hydrogen production furnace, etc.
  • Ceramics: Roller kiln, pusher kiln, etc.
  • Glass: Glass furnace regenerator, etc.
  • Carbon: Carbon roaster, etc.
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