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AZS refractory

Fused Cast AZS Refractory

Fused cast AZS refractory materials are being widely used in the structure of glass melting furnaces. It has models of AZS 33, 36, 41.

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Mullite refractories

Fused Cast Mullite Refractories

Fused cast mullite refractories are used in many industries. It has good abrasion-resistant ability and better thermal shock resistance etc.

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High zirconium refractories

Fused Cast High Zirconium Refractories

Fused cast high Zirconium refractories are used in glass industry. It is a kind of refractory brick that has good wear resistance.

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low leakage refractories

Fused Cast Low-Leakage Refractories

Fused cast low-leakage refractories are a new AZS product that used in glass furnace. It has very low leakage and quite strong resistance to alkaline attacks, carry-over, and creep.

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corundum refractories

Fused Cast Corundum Refractories

Fused cast corundum refractories have low pollution performance to glass liquid. It has three categories: α – β corundum brick (rtk-m), β – corundum brick (rtk-h), and α – corundum brick (rtk-a).

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